Granite Countertops: Can You Have Two Different Countertops In Kitchen?

granite countertops

If you visit many homes, you will find most homeowners have installed only one countertop material in their kitchens. If you are curious and want to give your surfaces a unique look, you must be wondering, can you have two different countertops in the kitchen?

The answer is yes, you can install different countertops in your kitchen. For example, you can pair engineered surfaces such as porcelain and quartz with natural surfaces such as soapstone and granite countertops.

You can even mix two different types of stone countertops. For example, you can mix granite and travertine.

To get the most of doing this, you need to consider several tips that include:

Pay attention to patterns.

When shopping for more than one countertop design, you should be cautious of the countertop pattern and design. The last thing you want are two styles that clash.

When the two countertops have extremely different patterns, pairing them will overwhelm your kitchen design, and distract the eye, so try to find countertops whose patterns aren’t too different or those that complement each other.

For example, if you like a countertop material with a busy pattern, find a complementary one that is solid colored or has a minimal pattern to balance the busy look. This way, you ensure that the countertops don’t compete with one another.

If you love natural countertops such as marble, granite, and others, you should know they feature a lot of movement that can distract most people. If looking to install them, match them with toned-down quartz or solid surface countertop.

If you want an all-natural look, play with color instead. This calls for you to find natural countertops with different colors.

Mix light and dark-colored countertops

To create contrast, balance dark and light countertops. You can go with the classic black and white motif or mix light and dark pastels, neutrals, and primary colors if you like it. When creating the light-dark dynamic, you can approach it in different ways.

For example, you can use light countertops with light-colored cabinets, creating a dramatic contrast between the two designs.

You can also opt for balance and place a darker selection on lighter cabinetry. If your cabinets have the same color throughout, pay close attention to other factors such as how well each countertop design stacks up to your backsplash material.

Create accent pieces on your island

Many designs are natural showstoppers, whether they feature unusual patterns or have bold color tones when done right. For an interesting look, wrap your kitchen island with unique patterns and sweeping veins.

This way, you create a focal point that stands out, especially if your kitchen has a neutral or muted color scheme.

As you create the accent pieces, you should note that they don’t have to be over the top. Work with your contractor and come up with styles that bring flair and, at the same time, mesh perfectly with the rest of your space.

Play with accent colors

You can get accent colors from different areas. You can get them from furniture, linens, your favorite art pieces, plumbing fixtures, and many others.

If you have a favorite shade, pick a countertop design that matches or incorporates the top in its pattern. While this is a great move, the downside is that your countertop might look out of place in the event you decide to change your kitchen’s accent colors.

Parting shot

Yes, it’s possible to pair two countertop materials. While this is great as you get to have two of your favorite countertop materials, granite installers Fairfax observe that you might have a problem with cleaning and maintaining the surfaces as the different materials require different care. For an easy time maintaining the surfaces, choose two materials with the same maintenance routine.

Sewer Cleaning Companies: Tips On How To Get Rid Of Sewer Gas Smell

sewer cleaning companies

When you smell sewer gases in your home, it means you have a serious problem you should address as soon as possible.

According to sewer cleaning companies, the gases are a combination of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane, and continuous exposure to them leads to memory loss, poisoning, headaches, dizziness, and asphyxiation. In large enough amounts, these gases put your home at the risk of fire or even an explosion.

Have you been smelling the gases in your home and are worried of your life and health? Here are tips on how to get rid of the sewer gas smell:

Clean the sink overflow

The sink overflow is the hole located underneath or across the faucet. The sink overflow is often prone to accumulation of bacteria, hair, and soap scum, and when a clog happens, foul smells result from the sink. If you live in areas with hard water, mineral buildup can also prevent the overflow from draining as well as you would want it to.

To eliminate the awful smells, you need to identify the source of the odors and if the smell is coming from the sink overflow, clean it. You can use a small bottle brush to clean out the hole or wipe away any present buildup. You can also mix a solution of chlorine bleach and half water and clear out any grime present in your sink.

Caulk the toilet base

If your toilet isn’t currently caulked, chances are water is leaking out, creating an unpleasant smell. You can bring these smells to a stop by caulking the toilet to the floor. This not only eliminates the smells, but it also secures the toilet, which is a win-win for you as a homeowner.

The cool thing is you can do it on your own (if you love DIY projects) without involving a technician. To do it:

Remove any caulk from around the toilet base using a razor knife or utility knife. You should then clear away any debris using a general bathroom cleaner then apply masking tape to the floor around the toilet. With the caulk or caulk gun at 45 degrees, place the caulk along with the space between the toilet and floor. Once you are done, peel off the masking tape you had applied earlier.

Clean out any bacteria growing in your drains

If you rarely clean your drains, they might be full of soap scum and organic matter that provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Luckily, you can easily clean out the existing bacteria and prevent new bacteria from growing.

Two of the easiest ways to do it is to use baking soda and vinegar, and enzyme-based cleaners. To clean the drains using baking soda and vinegar, mix the two in the target drains and listen to the sizzling and bubbling noises that signify the mixture is working. Wait a few minutes, then flush the toilet or run water down the drain.

If the smell still won’t go away, repeat the process.

If the above still won’t get rid of the smells, try getting rid of them using enzyme-based cleaners. These cleaners are excellent bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes that naturally eat away at the organic matter.

The chances are that if the sewer smells are due to dirty drains, doing this will eliminate the odors.

Take a look at bathtubs and sinks.

Are there bathrooms or sinks in your house you rarely use? They might be the culprits. Run hot water down the drains, and this will ensure the P-trap is full hence keep the bad smells away.

When you do the above, you have a 95% chance of putting the embarrassing smells away. If you have done everything, but still they linger around, contact commercial drain cleaning services Westchester providers to inspect your system as you might be having a more severe problem.

Can You Use Bleach On Quartz Countertops?

quartz countertops

If you are asking, can you use bleach on quartz, you must have made a serious mess on your countertops and looking for a powerful cleaner, right? The short answer to this question is no, you can’t use bleach on quartz as it has been shown to harm it. In fact, you don’t need it.

Quartz countertops are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacteria and staining. Due to this, you don’t need to use harsh cleaning products such as bleach.

Bleach has been shown to damage quartz surfaces where it etches it and can even permanently discolor the slab.

Also, using bleach on your cooking surfaces is harmful as the toxic chemicals can get into your food.

The cool thing is you don’t need fancy or tough products to clean your countertops. Here is a guide on how to go about it:

Routine ways to clean quartz surfaces

As mentioned, quartz is non-porous, so you don’t need exotic cleaning products. At least once a day, use a soft cloth or sponge and warm water to gently wipe down the quartz tops.

Is there dried gunk on your surfaces? Use a putty knife to scrape off it off. When doing it, be mindful and scrape gently.

If you regularly prepare food on your counters, chances are they are greased. To remove the grease, use a degreasing agent. You need to spray the agent generously on your counters, give it time to interact with the grease then wipe it off.

Removing tough stains from your quartz

If you got tough stains you can’t remove with soap and water, use an adhesive remover. To remove the stain, pour the cleaning agent directly on the stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes then wipe it off. The adhesive remover works by pulling off the stains with its sticker like qualities.

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is another excellent product to remove the stubborn stain. Wet a rag in the alcohol then rub it on the stained area.

If this still fails, consider using a glass cleaner. Pour glass cleaner liquid on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. You should then wipe it off with a wet cloth. You should note that some companies have an issue with you using a glass cleaner, so before you use it, contact the quartz company and ask them about it.

How to keep your countertops in top shape

To avoid having to clean the countertops, you should take good care of them. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Clean the spills as soon as they happen

Although engineered stones such as quartz are resistant to stains, when you let spills sit on them for a long time, they can get deep into the countertops leading to stains. To prevent this, make it a habit to clean the spills as soon as they happen. For ideal results, use mild soap and warm water to clean it up.

Protect the countertops from high temperatures

Like other countertop materials, quartz can be damaged by high temperatures. To prevent this from happening, protect them using mats, trivets, coasters, and other protective materials. Don’t place anything scorching directly on the countertops as you will cause extensive damage.

Use a cutting board

You might have the impression that the countertops aren’t natural like granite countertops Rockville so you can cut directly on them, but this isn’t the case. Cutting, chopping, or slicing directly on the countertops is harmful to the surfaces. While the surfaces are scratch-resistant, they aren’t scratch-proof, so aim to protect them at all times.

Another reason you shouldn’t cut directly on the counters is to protect your knives from getting dull.

5 Roofing Mistakes You Might Be Making As Given By Roofing Companies

roofing companies

Did you know you could be hurting your roof without even knowing? Here are some of the most common mistakes people make as given by roofing companies:

You have been over insulating your home.

The more the insulation you have, the better, right? Wrong. If you have insulation in the attic or the contractor you hired went overboard with it, it could spell bad news to you. When you over insulate your home, you prevent your home from breathing as well as it should.

For the roof to last for a long time, it needs proper ventilation, and when it lacks it, you begin experiencing issues such as moisture getting trapped in the roof leading to mold growth.

As you know, mold brings about plenty of issues, so you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

You rarely inspect the roof.

Many people have the notion that they are out in the green as long as they have installed high-quality roofing materials. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When you allow your roof to go for years without any repairs or maintenance, even the most minor issues get worse to the extent you have to bring down the entire roof.

To prevent this, you should make a habit of going up your roof and inspecting it. For best results, inspect the roof once every two to three years. You can inspect it on your own, but if you feel you don’t have the necessary skills, let an expert help you out.

When you regularly inspect the roof, you identify problems when they are in their initial stages and fix them before they get worse.

You rarely clean the roof.

You might have the impression that dirt on the roof is not a big deal as the roofing materials are designed to withstand tough weather elements, but when you allow a lot of dirt and debris to accumulate, you put the roofing material at the risk of decaying.

The risk of damage is extensive if the roof is made from metal. Like roof inspection, make a habit of cleaning your roof once every two years. This way, you have peace of mind your roof is in good condition, and your loved ones are protected.

You clean the roof with a pressure washer.

It’s good to clean the roof regularly, but when you wash it with a pressure washer, you set it up for trouble. When you use the pressure washer or continually pour bleach on the roof, you cause deterioration of roofing materials.

When you start noticing granular loss, cracked shingles, or excessive moisture pooling, you are over-cleaning your roof.  If you feel you aren’t cleaning the roof as well as you should, ask trusted roof repair services Riverside CT providers to help you out.

You ignore the attic.

The attic is spooky, and most people avoid it. If you are like other homeowners, you store the items you rarely use there, and you rarely go there.

While the attic is the most rarely visited room in the house, it’s of great importance. If you want to catch any leaking problems before they get worse, you need to visit the attic regularly.

Have you recently had a heavy storm and want to have peace of mind your roof isn’t leaking? Step up there with a flashlight and see whether there are any issues. While in the attic, be on the lookout for light reflection from water streams.

Also, be on the lookout for mold growth during the humid months of the year.

Pool Builders: 9 Factors To Consider When Constructing A Swimming Pool

pool builders

Are you looking to construct a swimming pool? Other than hiring expert pool builders, there are plenty of other factors you need to consider. Some of these factors include:


When you have a pool in your backyard, it significantly affects your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is due to the risk that comes with having the pool in your house. Before you install the pool, contact your agent, and determine if your pool will increase your premium payments.


Plenty of things can go wrong with a swimming pool. Kids can fall in the pool, your pets might fall in there, among many other things. As you are putting up the pool, think about your safety.

For peace of mind, install a fence with a self-closing, lockable gate. Ensure the gate is closed at all times to prevent the kids and pets from drowning.


How will the pool look like after you have constructed it? In addition to it being functional, it also should complement the look of your house. For a great look, get a landscape designer to be involved in your project.

The designer will help you determine the right pool design to go for.  The designer will also guide you on how to construct the pool properly.

Shape and size of the pool

How big do you want your pool to be? This will depend on how you are looking to use the pool. If looking to use the pool for swimming, you want a rectangular one that is big enough.

In addition to determining the size of the pool, also think about the depth that is most ideal for your pool. If planning to have a diving board, ensure the pool is deep enough.

Site for the pool

Where do you want to locate the pool? Locate it in an area near the house where you can easily move the construction materials. If working on a budget, avoid installing the pool in a sloppy area as you will spend a lot of money leveling it.


For a grand looking pool, it’s wise you have a pool with all the bells and whistles in place. This calls for you to have lighting in place, slide to keep the kids entertained, a diving board, ladders, steps, and handrails.

While these features are great, you should note they come with a hefty cost, so if operating on a tight budget, it’s a wise idea to stay away from them.

Pool deck

The area surrounding the pool will need a pool deck that you can make from pavers, stones, concrete, tiles, brick, and other materials. The cost of the pool deck depends on the square footage of the deck area.

You can install the deck by yourself if you have the skills or hire an expert to help you out.


Do you love having outdoor furniture around your pool? You can install a chaise lounge, a table with chairs, or any other of your preferred furniture pieces. If you love sitting by the poolside, you want comfortable outdoor furniture. This means it should have cushions and everything else.

Pool equipment

There is plenty of pool equipment you need for your work. One of the equipment you need is a filtration system. You also need a pool heater that will help you keep the temperatures comfortable and extend the use of the pool.

Pool contractors Long Island also recommend you have a pool cover that will help you keep the pool clean. Also, think about the electrical and plumbing equipment you will need during installation.

6 Things To Consider When Hiring A Tree Removal Services Provider

tree removal services

Regardless of how much you love DIY projects, you should refrain from handling tree removal projects by yourself. This is because they come with plenty of risks, such as the tree falling on you or your property.

To be safe, let an experienced tree removal services provider handle the project. For you to hire the right professional, look out for several things such as:

Payment requisition

When does the company ask for payment? Be wary of a company asking for payment before they even begin the work. Also, be cautious of a company asking for a payment before they even give you an estimate of the cost.

A good company should take its time to survey the condition of the tree then give an estimate. To get the best deal, get estimates from different companies, and settle on the best one.

Look out for certification.

To minimize the chances of accidents happening at the worksite, work with a certified arborist. This is a professional who has studied proper safety standards (both OSHA and ISA).

When a service provider takes time to get certified, it means they are serious, take pride in their work, and are committed to providing the best service. Certified professionals give you peace of mind they will get the work done professionally.

Ask questions

While a certified professional is great to have, you shouldn’t stop there—ask questions. Does the arborist participate in events? If they do, the better as they are most likely conversant with the latest best practices.

As you are asking the contractor questions, you will also understand their personality better, which will help you decide whether you want to work with them even in future projects. Even if the contractor is certified and has all the necessary qualifications, you don’t want someone with an awful personality.

An ideal contractor is an experienced professional with a great personality.

Tools and equipment

Which tools are the contractors using to execute your project? Before you hire the professionals, it’s always recommended you visit their offices, and this will help you decide whether they are the right fit for your project.

When you are there, look out for the tools and equipment they use. Do they have chainsaws? What about excavators vital for projects involving stump and large tree removal?

If the company hires its equipment, it will charge you more, which you don’t want. A company that doesn’t have its tools will also delay in getting the necessary tools when need arises, which slows down the project.

To pay less and ensure the project runs at the right pace, work with a company that has all the necessary tools.


Is the contractor you want to hire insured? It’s vital it is to protect yourself. Things can quickly get out of hand when bringing down a tree. The tree can fall on you, your property, or even on your neighbor. Who is responsible for the damage when this happens?

Work with an insured company, which gives you peace of mind as you know you won’t be held responsible when things don’t go as planned.


A company will tell you they have been in the industry for a long time, but unless they provide you with references, you shouldn’t take their word. A reputable and experienced tree services Chevy Chase won’t have a problem giving you names and contact details of the people it has worked with.

Reach out to these people and find out whether they liked the services provided by the company. While at it, find out whether the company has the license to work in your local area. You don’t want to work with intruders, do you?

Do Chimney Cleaning Logs Really Work? Chimney Sweep Services Experts Weigh In

chimney cleaning services

If you are typing into your search bar, do chimney cleaning logs really work, you must have heard about chimney logs. Many companies market them as an alternative to hiring chimney sweep services. Are they really a replacement? Let’s find out.

What are chimney cleaning logs?

Before we proceed, we need first to understand what they are. CSL are logs impregnated with a potent chemical mixture that can alter the adhesive composition of the creosote layer, turning it into a brittle or powdery texture.

The smoke from the logs contains active minerals and additives that flow up the flue and settle on the creosote deposit.

As you keep on lighting more fires, the active chemicals in the vapors alter the glazed nature of the deposits, making it easy for the chimney sweep to break down the stubborn creosote and clean the chimney.

To answer your question, yes, the logs work, but you shouldn’t use them as an alternative to hiring a chimney sweep.

Why are so many people attracted to the logs?

While the chimney cleaning logs have been around for a long time, their popularity recently shot as many people thought that they could replace them for chimney cleaning professionals or cleaning the chimney by themselves.

The logs are extremely easy to use. Instead of finding a ladder and going up the chimney, you only need to unwrap the log from its package and place it in a lit fireplace.

Every homeowner is out there to save as much money as possible. Chimney logs are reasonably priced, making them cheaper than hiring a cleaning contractor. They also have a long shelf life so you can buy the logs in bulk at wholesale prices (which sees you saving more money) and store them for a long time.

Since the logs are marketed as an alternative to cleaning the chimney, homeowners find them as a great solution to their bent, lengthy chimneys. If you have a fireplace with a bent column, it’s difficult to clean it as the broom can’t reach the creosote deposited along the hard to reach angles.

The smoke produced by the sweeping log easily penetrates the creosote depositions making it easy to clean the chimney.

Chimney sweeping logs can’t replace a professional chimney sweep

When you think about the adverts, the chimney cleaning logs sound like excellent alternatives to hiring a chimney cleaning professional, but this isn’t the case. If you only use the logs, you will be doing more harm to your fireplace.

Using the logs instead of having the chimney professionally cleaned is like chewing gum instead of brushing your teeth. It won’t get the work done, will it?

Even if the logs help in loosening the creosote, they can’t replace the benefits of having the chimney cleaned by a professional. In addition to the professional cleaning the chimney, he/she also inspects the chimney for any signs of damage and deterioration.

When the contractor identifies the problem early enough, you prevent severe damage from coming about, that might be too expensive to repair.

While the logs do work, their effectiveness is limited.  For example, you can only use the logs on fireplaces that only burn wood. You can’t use most sweeping logs in propane fireplaces or fireplaces powered by natural gas.

The logs also can’t remove more significant obstructions in the chimney. Dead animals, bird nests, and other obstacles will still require you to hire a chimney cleaning services Columbia MD to get rid of them.


Chimney cleaning logs do really work, but they are limited to wood-burning fireplaces. You should never use them as an alternative to hiring a chimney cleaning professional as they aren’t.

Outdoor Fireplace Builders: 5 Factors To Consider When Constructing An Outdoor Fireplace


An outdoor fireplace significantly improves the look of the house. It also provides an excellent place to relax with friends and family.

For you to put up an excellent outdoor fireplace, you need to work with experienced outdoor fireplace builders. You also should consider plenty of other factors that include:

Purpose of the outdoor fireplace

Why are you constructing the fireplace in the first place? If you are building it to entertain, it should have comfortable seats and tables. Will you be cooking at the site? Have a space for cooking utensils and storage space.

To create a soothing environment around the fireplace, have flowers, plants, fountains, and colorful plants in place. You should note that you should choose plants that look natural in your existing landscape and complement the colors of your furniture, fireplace, and adjacent structures.

You also should have outdoor lighting styles that don’t detract from the glow of the fire. Avoid low voltage lighting fixtures.

Outdoor fireplace materials

There are plenty of materials you can use to construct your outdoor fireplace. You can use brick, slate, stucco, tile, stone, rock, and concrete.  Different materials go at different prices, and it’s up to you to decide the ones that are right for you.

When constructing the outdoor fireplace, install it on a hard surface such as concrete, masonry, or stone. This is solely for outdoor fireplace safety purposes.

Work with your contractors who will recommend the best materials for your home. The best materials should be durable and also complement your home design.


Where will you be placing the fireplace? For you to choose the best location, you need to think about your needs, safety issues, environment, and the overall appearance of the area. The fireplace should be close to the house without posing any hazard.

Do you have a small yard? The fireplace may be attached to the patio, house, or deck, allowing the landscape to be the focal point of your backyard.

If you have a large backyard, you should have a separate patio that is further from the house. Since you have a large yard, don’t shy away from having a large fireplace.

At this point, the fireplace should be the focal point of the outdoor setting with additional space for entertaining.

If your backyard allows it, place the fireplace near the spa, pool, or hot tub.

Size and shape of the fireplace

The size and shape of the fireplace should be proportional to the size and design of your backyard. Remember, the outdoor fireplace should enhance the landscape. Not compete with it.

If you have a large backyard and you entertain a lot, you should have a large outdoor fireplace with an extended hearth and adequate room in front for guests to quickly move around.

If you have a small backyard and you don’t like entertaining, a small fireplace providing an intimate setting is enough.

Work with your contractor and settle on the ideal size of a fireplace for your home.


Since you will be dealing with fire, safety is an essential factor to consider. While the fireplace should be close to the house for convenience, it shouldn’t present a safety hazard to your structures, house, or family.

The outdoor fireplace contractors Long Island should ensure that your fireplace has proper ventilation and should be surrounded by brick, concrete, or stone patio to prevent sparks from igniting nearby structures or brush.

You also should have a fire extinguisher in place to put out the fire in the event of an emergency.

For peace of mind, ensure that the contractors you are working with are highly experienced and certified to work in your local area.

How To Choose A Rug Color For Your Area Oriental Rugs

area rug

When buying area oriental rugs, one of the most important factors to consider is the color of the rugs. For you to buy the right color, consider these factors:

How does the color make you feel?

Color has a significant influence on our emotions, actions, and how we respond to people and things in our lives. You don’t want a color that makes you feel bad when you step into your house, do you?

If you are like other homeowners, you want a color that makes you feel proud of being a house owner.

When you are in the rug store, ask the attendants to lay the rug on the floor and look at it. How does it make you feel? If you aren’t happy, choose another one.

What is the color of the floor?

The floor color significantly impacts the overall look of the house. Since area rugs are an excellent way of adding color to the room, choose a color that contrasts the floor. If you have dark wood flooring, go for a brightly colored rug.

Likewise, if you got a lightly colored floor, you will be better off with a more richly colored rug. If you aren’t sure of the right color to choose, ask the attendants in the rug store to help you out.

Think about the layout of the house

Did you know there are plenty of ways in which you can arrange your house? There is a classic, unique, dining room, and bedroom layout. How you organize the house significantly influences the color you should go for.

For example, if your house has a bedroom layout, the room will look great with dark accent colors.

What about foot traffic?

It goes that the more the people that will be walking on the area rug, the quicker the rug will start showing signs of wear.

Area rugs with lighter colors will start showing stains and age faster than the darker ones. So you will be better off choosing darker rugs for rooms that you use the most.

Kids, pets, and food  wear out rugs faster, so install darker rugs in the dining room and areas frequented by kids and pets.

How do you want the room to feel?

The area rug impacts the overall mood of the room so you should think about the mood you want to create. If your room is small, go for light colors that make the room appear larger and spacious.

Want to make the room feel intimate? You will be better off with rich and deep colors.

Try out rugs with shades such as chocolate, navy, and burgundy. If looking to give the room a bright, vibrant look, red, orange, or vibrant lime green colors are the best to go for.

What do you want to stand out?

We all want to showcase the areas of the house we are most proud of. If you want furniture, painted walls, or curtains to stand out, choose a neutral-coloured area rug that will complement the room décor without attracting too much attention.

On the other hand, if you got rooms with a plainer, more somber furniture and decorations, bright, patterned antique rugs Vienna VA will brighten up space and become the focal parts of the room.

Regardless of the rug, you are looking to buy, ensure you buy it from a reputable store. You may have to visit several rug stores and see what they have in stock.

Compare the quality and price of the rugs. Buy a high-quality rug that is moderately priced. If you aren’t sure of the right one to go for, ask an expert to help you out.

What Can Cause a Furnace To Stop Working? Furnace Services Providers Reveal The Causes

furnace services

The electricity is on, the TV is blaring, you are wearing your coziest thick socks, and then the air turns cold.

No, you aren’t outside. You are on your favorite sofa, and the cold air is due to a furnace that has stopped working. The question is, what can cause a furnace to stop working? Plenty of reasons.

Here are five common issues (given by furnace services providers) that can cause your furnace to stop working and what you can do about it:

You have a problem with your thermostat

The thermostat is the control center of the furnace—it tells it what to do. When the temperature is high enough, the thermostat tells the control board inside the furnace to stop heating the house.

When the temperature falls below a certain level, the same thermostat notifies the furnace to start producing heat.

When the thermostat isn’t functioning correctly, it doesn’t signal the furnace to start heating when the temperatures are low hence the cold.

To troubleshoot, set the thermostat at least five degrees above the room temperature and see whether it comes on.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing the batteries. In other cases, you may have to replace the thermostat, especially if you have had it for more than a decade.

The furnace is leaking

If you are new with heating systems, you might be wondering why a unit meant to heat the house is producing water.

Well, this can happen due to many reasons including: plumbing leaks, humidifier leaks, clogged internal draining systems, and many other reasons.

If your unit has had a leakage and you hadn’t fixed it, the furnace will stop working.

Leakages are a complex issue, and you should avoid trying to fix them if you don’t have the right skills. Let an expert inspect the condensate pump and confirm its working properly.

The technician can repair or replace it depending on the extent of the damage.

You have issues with your gas line

Do you have a gas furnace? It can fail to work if you are having problems with the gas line. The first thing you should do is to confirm that the gas is turned on. You can do this by checking the shut-off valve on the outside.

You also should start another gas-burning appliance such as the stove. If it works, the gas is flowing, and you might be having a problem with the gas supply to the furnace itself.

Can you smell gas? You must be having a leakage. A gas leakage is worse than a malfunctioning furnace, so you should address it immediately, you notice it.

The filters are too dirty

When is the last time you cleaned the filters? Air filters trap dust, dirt, and debris, and when you don’t clean them early enough, these materials can clog the unit, restricting or even blocking the vital airflow.

This results in high house heating costs, overheating of the heat exchanger, and failure of the furnace to work.

Unlike when having a gas leak, you can fix this problem by yourself as all you need is to use the manufacturer’s manual to access the dirty filters. Depending on how they look, you can clean or replace them.

You haven’t turned on the furnace

While it sounds like a no-brainer, you will be shocked to realize the number of owners that call emergency furnace repair services Arlington VA providers to repair their furnaces, and yet all they did is to forget turning it on.

If your furnace isn’t working, check at the back for the power switch. Is it on or off? While at it, also check the circuit breaker and fuse.