Can I put curtains over my plantation shutters?

Adorning your windows with both plantation shutters and curtains can make for a classy, old-timey look.  It was a popular choice for many historic interiors using plantation shutters.  There are many different varieties of plantation window shutters that are all very popular with our clientele.  Some favored types of indoor plantation shutters include vinyl plantation shutters and wood plantation shutters.  Curtains should only go indoors over your interior wood shutters, because outdoor elements would quickly tear them down. 

Some other popular types of blinds and shutters we provide would match well with certain types of curtains.  These types of window shutters include wooden shutters, shutter blinds, colonial shutters, wood blinds, and various types of decorative shutters.  Decorative shutters are an easy way to dress up the room you’re installing them in.  If you choose to pair decorative shutters with curtains, you should consult with a specialist to help you decide what patterns to put together for a harmonious look. 

Shutters Etc offers a wide variety of custom window dressings in addition to all traditional types of indoor plantation shutters and exterior plantation shutters.  We offer many different custom blinds including custom wood blinds and faux blinds.  If you would like to learn more about the cost of plantation shutters, give us a call today at one of the following numbers: 301.937.3601; 703.266.2165; or 1.800.443.7366.

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