Should I get roman shades for my living room?

When looking for shutters for windows, you want to be sure about the style you select for your window coverings.  While we specialize in plantation shutters, we also have wide variety of indoor shutters that can create the specific look you want.  Vertical blinds can provide a very elegant look, but if you have a desire for blackout shades, roman shades can provide that for you.  These room darkening shades tend to block out the sun more than shutters and blinds do because there are no breaks in the material – when the shades are down, very little light can get into the room.  Depending on which color and fabric your select for your shades, some light may shine through.  Roman shades are a unique option for your living space.  They are usually operated with a cord system, which you can pull to either raise or lower the shades.

Roman shades can be made from a variety of materials, including wood!  Roman bamboo shades are becoming increasingly popular.  Roman shades made from wooden material tend to create a warm, earthy look for a room.  They are very versatile and can work with any type of design scheme to create a whole, sound concept for a room.  These shades can be custom made for your living space for optimum personalization and style.  Call our specialists now to schedule a free in-home design consultation to figure out if roman shades will add the touch you are looking for.  Right now you can take advantage of our discount shutters – we currently have a sale of up to 40% off plus free installation on three windows or more.

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