Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Window Shutters

window shutters

If you have window shutters or you are planning on installing them there are a number of things you shouldn’t do for you to have a great experience. Some of the things you shouldn’t do include:

Having anyone install the plantation shutters

While there are some plantation shutters that require simple placement and you can install them on your own, others require the expertise of an expert. Due to ignorance or lack of knowledge, some homeowners hire any person that they come across to install the units. This is wrong. Remember that some shutters require cutting and adjusting that can’t be done by anyone. For professional installation, ensure that the units are installed by an expert. The best way of going about it is getting a professional from the company you buy the shutters from.

Installing the indoor shutters in the wrong room

Shutters improve the look of a room and increase its privacy. You can install the shutters in any room of the house but you should be cautious of the type that you install. Wooden shutters are the most popular type preferred by many homeowners due to their elegance and durability. While they are great, you can’t install them in every room of the house. Due to their tendency to take up water and lot, you should avoid installing them in the wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Here you should install vinyl shutters or any other units that are resistant to water.

Failing to maintain the shutters

If you ask many homeowners, they will tell you that their shutters don’t require any care as they aren’t being removed from their place. Far from this. For the units to retain their look and last for a long time you need to properly maintain them. At least once a week you should brush them to get rid of excess dirt. You should also paint them once a year to maintain their glow. If you regularly open and close them, it’s common for some of the slats to get damaged. Once a year you should inspect them and replace the faulty slats.


These are some of the things that you shouldn’t do with your interior shutters. The key to having a great experience with your units is having them installed by a professional. You should also regular clean and paint the units to keep them looking good.

All About Wooden shutters

Wood Shutters

Wooden window shutters are some of the best units you should install in your home. They are made from thick horizontal wooden slats and vertical wooden handle that makes it easy to open and close them.

Why you should install wooden shutters

There are plenty of benefits that come with installing wooden shutters in your home. Some of these benefits include:

Security: When your windows have only a thin sheet of glass you feel insecure as people can easily get into the house as they need to only break the glass. The wooden units add another layer of security that leaves you feeling secure.

Energy saving: Heat moves fast through the glass as it’s thin. During winter, the heat resulting from the furnace or fireplace gets lost fast thus you end up spending a lot of money keeping your house warm. During summer, plenty of heat from outside gets into your house which increases your house cooling bill. When you install wooden plantation shutters you install an additional layer of insulation that minimizes the amount of heat lost.

Elegance: If you have installed the wooden units in your house you know that they are elegant to look at. This is because they come in different interesting designs that are ideal for different areas of the house.

Ease of installation: The shutters are easy to install and you can perfectly install them even if you have never done it before. If you aren’t planning on hiring a contractor, you should buy those that don’t require you to drill a hole through the walls. If you have already bought the shutters that require drilling, hire a contractor to install them for you. This is to ensure that the work is done professionally.

Wooden shutter tips

To have a great experience with the shutters you need to be cautious of where you buy them. As rule of thumb ensure that you buy from a reputable store. You should also ensure that you buy indoor shutters made from hardwood. In addition to them lasting for a long time, they also look good.

While the shutters are beautiful to look at, they aren’t ideal for use in all rooms of your house. Since they are made from wood, they tend to absorb water if installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and other wet areas of the house. Due to this, you should avoid installing them in these areas. If you have to, go for those that have a waterproof coating.

Understanding Wooden Shutters

wooden shutters

Wooden shutters have a high-quality look thus greatly improve the look of your home. You can also paint the units to your desired color which further improves the look of your house.

Wood options for your shutters

When you are buying shutters for your home there are many wood options you can go with. Some of the best ones include:

Larch wood: The wood adds class to your home. Shutters made from the wood come in different colors, shapes, and designs. It’s up to you to choose the ones that accentuate the look of your house.

Craft: Craft shutters are ideal for the price conscious people. The reason why they are cheap is because they are made out of LDF. Just like the other shutters, they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Bass wood: The cool thing with bass wood is that its hardwood thus it will last for a long time. You can also easily paint it to your desired color without messing with the original look.

Perma: Perma shutters often have a water resistant coating (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that makes them an ideal choice for gyms, bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.

Cedar: Cedar has a high-quality look making it an ideal choice when looking for window shutters for your high-end home. Cedar shutters feature beautiful grain and texture that accentuates the look of your windows. For a great look, go for red cedar shutters.

Bali: Just like Craft, this type of wood is ideal for you if you are operating on a tight budget. While it’s made from cheap LDF, it comes in exciting designs similar to the ones you find in premium quality shutters.

Taking care of your wooden shutters

Regardless of the type of wood you go with, you need to take care of your interior shutters for them to last for a long time. One of the things you should do is install the shutters at the right area. To avoid damaging the units, avoid installing them in the wet areas of the house. These include the bathroom, kitchen, and others.

To maintain an elegant look you should regularly clean the indoor shutters. You should dust them at least once a week and once a month, clean them with a moist piece of cloth. You should avoid using a lot of water to clean the shutters as they can take up water resulting to damage.

A Guide To Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are the way to go when you are looking to provide privacy to your home and also add appeal to the house. If you are looking to buy the units, here are a few things you should know about them:

Why you should buy plantation shutters

In addition to providing you with privacy and beautifying your home, there are many other reasons why you should buy these shutters. One of the reasons is that the units come in different designs, colors, and sizes thus you have a wide range of options to choose from. The units can also be custom made creating a personalized look. Most of the modern shutters come with an extra layer that provides you with extra insulation against cold and heat. The shutters are also easy to clean and maintain.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are the most common types of shutters you will come across in the market. They are loved by many people as they are beautiful to look at and last for a long time. You can also easily paint them to your desired color. They are made from different types of wood but the best are those made from hardwood. Since they last for a long time you should expect to pay a higher fee for them. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in wood shutters, you should go for composite shutters that are made from synthetic materials. Due to this, they go at low prices. Unfortunately, they don’t last for a long time.

Size of interior shutters

When buying the shutters the size of the shutters is of great importance. As rule of thumb go for a size that perfectly fits your windows. Most of the shutters come with 3 ½ louvers. People owning large windows and sliding glass doors go for 4 ½ louvers.

Taking care of the indoor shutters

After installing the shutters you need to take good care of them for them to look good for long and also last for a long time. For them to do this you have to install them at the right place at your house. If you have wooden indoor shutters, avoid installing them in the bathroom, kitchen and other moisture-prone areas. To retain the look of your shutters, regularly clean them using a brush or water when they are too dirty. For the wooden units, avoid using a lot of water when cleaning as you risk damaging them.


Everything You Need To Know About Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters come in different sizes, designs, and prices.

Reasons why you should consider installing them

There are many reasons why you should consider installing the units in your home. Some of these reasons include:

Increase privacy: It’s estimated that 90% of homeowners install the shutters for this reason.  Since they are made from different materials such as wood, vinyl, and others, they prevent people from seeing the inside of your house. They also prevent sunlight from getting into your house; therefore, if you don’t want a lot of sunlight, you should install the shutters. In addition to installing the shutters in your house, you can also install them in your office or any other place of your liking.

Improve the look of your house: Let us be honest, plain windows aren’t pleasing to the eyes. Window shutters come in interesting designs that improve the look of your windows. In addition to this, experts report that when you install the shutters in certain areas they serve the vital role of protection. In the sitting area and bedroom, they protect the furniture from fading. In the kitchen, they prevent spoiling of food and cooking essentials.

Increase comfort: As mentioned above, the indoor shutters prevent sunlight from getting into your house. This not only increases the privacy in your house and protect your materials from damage, it also increases comfort in the house. Due to the blocking of sunlight, the units ensure that the inside of the house remains humid which increases your comfort.

Add value to your home: The shutters are an additional feature to your home and just like a swimming pool or any other unit, they add value to your home. If you are in real estate or looking to sell your house, the addition of the shutters means that you sell the house at a higher price.

Tips to consider when buying interior shutters

For you to reap the benefits of the interior shutters you need to buy the right ones. This calls for you to consider a number of factors when making the purchase. One of the factors to consider is the shutter material. While there are shutters made from all manner of materials, you should go for wooden shutters as they are not only durable, they are also beautiful to look at. You should also consider the store you buy from. To increase your chances of buying high-quality units, buy from a reputable shutter store.

Guide To Customized Window Shutters

window shutters

Custom window shutters are great as they provide you with an opportunity to give your windows the look you have always wanted.  To have an easy time with the shutters you need to do a number of things:

Work with the right shutter company

The company you work with has a great impact on the quality and design of the shutters you receive. To receive a high-quality product, work with a reputable company. Before you commit to a given company, first visit the company stores and inspect the quality of the products. As rule of thumb, ensure that the products are of high quality. A good company should also send representatives to your home and understand the best look that will improve your home décor. If ordering your customized shutters online, ensure that the company you work with has a great reputation.

Choose the right shutter materials

Just like regular shutters, custom shutters can also be made from different materials. The most common materials are wood, plastic, and vinyl shutters. Custom wood shutters are the best option as they look good and last for a long time. Unfortunately, they are expensive thus you have to be ready to part with a large amount of money to buy them.

In addition to shutter materials, also consider the design of the shutters. The most common designs you can choose from include: fold out, pull out, and sliding. You should choose a design that complements the look of your home.

Pay attention to the pricing of the window shutters

The custom shutters go at different prices depending on the type of shutters and the company designing them. When ordering, you should expect to buy the custom shutters at higher prices than the standard shutters. Most of the shutter companies charge depending on the square foot while others make use of grip pricing. When making the purchase, pay attention to the pricing upgrades that often include decorative frames, specialty shapes, canceled tilt, and other features.

Have the interior shutter professionally installed

The custom shutters won’t give your house a great look if they are improperly installed. To get value for your money have the shutters installed by an experienced professional.


These are the things you should do when you are dealing with customized indoor shutters.  Work with a reputable company, choose the right materials, consider the pricing of the shutters, and you are good to go.

Factors To Consider When Buying Window Shutters

Window shutters

When you are buying window shutters for your home you need to consider two important things: the material used in making the shutters and where you buy them from.

Shutter materials

Shutters are made from different materials. For your windows to have an elegant look and shutters to last for a long time you should go for wooden shutters. The wooden units are usually made from high-quality wood thus last for a long time. Their main flaw is that they tend to be expensive.  If you can’t afford the expensive units there are cheaper faux wood shutters you can go for. These units resemble wood shutters but they are cheaper thus affordable if working on a budget. They come in different wood shades and grains thus you will find the ones that match your furniture.

There are also vinyl shutters that are loved by many homeowners due to their ease of cleaning. All you need to do is to dust them and they will look as good as new. If the shutters are too dirty, you should wipe them with a damp piece of cloth.

Shutter store

As mentioned above, this is the other important factor you should consider when buying plantation shutters. There are many shutter stores but none is like the other. Just like in any other business, there are some unscrupulous business people that will try selling you substandard products posing them as original. Before making your purchase you should take your time to research and find a reputable store.

If buying from an online store, take your time to read the reviews left by previous buyers. As rule of thumb only buy from a company with great reviews. If buying from a physical store, ask friends and relatives about their experience with the store. You should stay away from a company that doesn’t provide give a great service.

When buying the interior shutters always buy high-quality units. This calls for you to look at the design and the materials used in making them. If buying wooden units go for those made from hardwood. Even if buying the cheap units, ensure they have a sturdy look and can last for a long time.


You need to be cautious when buying indoor shutters for you to have a great experience. Ensure the shutters are made from high-quality material and you buy them from a reputable store.

All About Interior Shutters

Interior shutters

Interior shutters are installed on the inner side of your shutters. In addition to adding beauty and style to the interior of your house, they also add privacy.

Features of the indoor shutters

The shutters are made up of side stiles, top and bottom rails, and moveable slats that you can open and close depending on your light needs. The cool thing with these units is that you can install them in almost every room in your house. You can install them in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen.

They are made from different materials such as vinyl, plastic, aluminum, bamboo, and wood. Wooden shutters are the most common and loved by many people because they are beautiful and durable. They are made from a wide variety of woods such as poplar, pine, oak, cedar, and basswood. While you can install the indoor shutters in all areas of the house, you are discouraged from installing them in the bathroom, kitchen and other wet rooms of the house. This is because they tend to rot when they are exposed to a lot of moisture.

Types of interior shutters

There are two main types of these shutters: plantation and traditional shutters. Plantation shutters are 1 1/8 inch thick and have wide slats that you can easily open and close as need be. Due to their many great features, they are the most common thus you will find them in most homes.  Traditional shutters are ¾ inch thick and feature vertical louvers, fixed louvers, and raised panels. They are common in smaller homes that have the traditional style décor.

Window shutter tips

When buying shutters, you should consider a number of factors. One of the factors to consider is the size of the shutters. As rule of thumb, buy units that will perfectly fit your windows. You should also consider the material used in making the shutters. If interested in the wooden units, go for those made from hardwood. In addition to them having a high-end look, they also tend to last for a long time.

Another factor to consider is where you want to install the shutters. As mentioned, don’t go for wooden units if you are planning on installing them in the wet areas of the house. To increase your chances of buying high-quality shutters you should buy from a reputable window shutters store. After buying the units, you should ensure that they are properly installed. This calls for you to hire an experienced professional to do the installation.

Guide On How To Take Care Of Wooden Shutters

wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are loved by many homeowners as they come in different designs and colors. They are also easy to customize; therefore, if you receive them and you don’t like their original design, you can always customize them to your liking. The units find their origin in the Victorian era. While most of the modern styles have been westernized, there are a few that still have the original designs. The shutters are usually expensive; therefore, when you buy them you should take good care of them for them to last for a long time. To help you out, here are tips on how to take good care of your units.

Protect your indoor shutters from the sun

Even if you have installed the units indoors, they will definitely get into contact with the sun. While a little bit of sun won’t affect your shutters, a lot of it has been shown to damage them. The excess heat cracks the indoor shutters. This not only gives the shutters a bad look, it also makes it easy for insects to find their way into the shutters which worsen the damage.  During summer, it’s recommended that you install a shield to protect your units from excessive sun exposure. You should also consider painting them a lighter color that will reflect the sun rays.

Protect your plantation shutters from water

Wood and water don’t mix. When the wooden units get into contact with water they start rotting. This weakens them and also gives them a bad look. As a consequence, you have to replace them. To avoid this, you should protect the plantation shutters from the water. When water splashes on the shutters, you should wipe it dry as soon as possible before it seeps through. You should also avoid installing the shutters in the kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas of your house. You should install alternative shutters such as vinyl shutters in these areas.

Watch how you wash the interior shutters

To retain the good looks of the shutters you should regularly clean them. To avoid water damage you should use a damp cloth to wipe the dust off. As rule of thumb, you should avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the units. The chemicals not only remove the finish thus giving your interior shutters a bad look, they are also harmful to you and your family. Experts recommend that you clean the shutters only with water. If you have to use chemicals, ensure that they are non-abrasive.

What You Need To Know About Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are units meant for indoor use. They are usually wooden and feature a push rod in the middle that allows you to move the blinds up and down depending on your needs. Initially, when the units were being designed, they were designed to provide privacy and security to homeowners but nowadays they are heavily used for decorative purposes.

Benefits of plantation shutters

If you visit many homes you will find that most homeowners use the plantation units. There are many reasons why most homeowners prefer the units. One of the reasons is because the units require minimal maintenance. To keep the units looking great you only need to use a soft rag to wipe them. If you have stayed for a long time without cleaning the shutters, you should wash them with soap and water. Another reason why most homeowners prefer the shutters is because the window treatments come already fabricated to fit your windows. This makes it easy for you to install them. In fact, if you have minimal technical skills you don’t have to hire a professional.

Materials used in making the indoor shutters

The shutters are made from three primary materials: poplar, basswood, and maple.  These materials are hardwoods but basswood and poplar are light and soft. Basswood takes finish well and you can easily paint and stain it. When installing shutters made from basswood and poplar you should note that they are susceptible to dings and dents as they are soft. To provide rigidity to the shutters, you should install additional reinforcement to the shutters. The reinforcement is more important when you are installing the shutter materials over larger openings.

Maple shutters are the highest quality of shutters in the market. As mentioned, they are made from hardwood and aren’t soft. This means that you don’t have to worry about your units developing dents. Due to these features, they tend to be more expensive than the other forms of indoor shutters.

Guide to buying window shutters

When buying the units you need to consider a number of factors. One of the factors is the joinery method used on the shutters. For your window shutters to last for a long time you should ensure that the rails are joined with reinforced dowels. You should also consider where you buy your units. To increase your chances of buying high-quality units buy from a reputable interior shutters store.